Building Evaluation Capacity with Data Jams

In this two-webinar series, I'll show you how to organize Data Jams in your organization, institution or research team. Data Jams are a powerful Research & Evaluation Capacity Building model that focuses on concrete analysis techniques and guided collaborative data exploration, unlike top-down software or methods trainings that are disconnected from the analysts' projects and needs.

To learn more about Data Jams, and to get access to the Data Jam Curriculum & Toolkit that I'm developing at the UW-Extension, check out the official UW-Extension Data Jam Toolkit page

In this second webinar, I'll share some best practices for data set prep when planning a Data Jam, and I'll walk you through some basic functions in MAXQDA that are powerful in data jams. Finally, I'll outline how Data Jams positively impact organizational and institutional culture around data analysis, and how Data Jams help research teams and institutions deal with large qualitative datasets in a mindful, and efficient way. 

In this first webinar, you'll learn how Data Jams are a powerful response to the Data Challenge in complex organizations. I'm describing what a data jam is, and the kinds of products we're making in Data Jams at the UW-Cooperative Extension. I'll introduce the role of Qualitative Analysis Software as a backbone for Data Jams, and I'll show you what you need to have in place to organize a Data Jam.  

The UW-Extension Data Jam Toolkit is supported by USDA-NIFA through the eXtension Foundation.